Miyagi Tort

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Scientific Name: Acropora Tortuosa

History: Brian acquired this coral back in 2010 as a frag from the bottom of a LFS's bin. After reviving this frag, we have seen some amazing colors come out of this coral. It has a tan green base with dark purple coralites with purple polyps. This coral likes to encrust first, then watch this coral branch out!

Thank you for checking out our sustainably raised corals! Let us know if you have any questions or looking for something you don't see listed. Chances are we might have it growing in one of our other systems.

Pictures: Mother colony or typical frags shown in picture from our tanks. Most SPS frags are 3/4" - 1" so they ship nicely in our shipping containers.

Shipping: Shipping will be a flat $45. Please ask us if you would prefer Saturday Delivery.

Arrive Alive Guarantee: Yes! We need any DOA pics within the first hour to claim.

Current Parameters: We recommend trying to replicate the parameters these corals were grown in. This helps for an easy transition to your tank and helps the corals get off on the right foot.

Placement: Mount your new coral using IC gel glue, putty, or a combinations of both. Place the coral on a rock or ledge in a location that receives ample lighting and random flow.

Water Chemistry: Alkalinty- 7.5-8.5, Magnesium 1290-1350, Salinity- 35 (read salinity vs SG) , Calcium-400-425. Nitrate- 4-10, Phosphates- .01-.1

Lighting: 250-400 PAR Acropora corals require fairly intense lighting to maintain proper color. T5’s, Metal Halides, or LED’s can all grow acropora when the proper PAR levels are provided.

Flow: Medium to High. Our frag system has some major motion!

Feeding: We recommend feeding acropora corals with a combination of foods like Zooplanktons, Phytoplanktons, Amino Acids and other Organic Proteins. A daily broadcast feeding while return and circulations pumps are stopped will ensure the corals have the ability to consume the nutrients they require.