Reef Ready Epoxy Putty Stick 4oz/118ml - Quantity (3)


Reef Ready Epoxy Putty Stick - (3) Sticks For Saltwater and Freshwater Aquariums Ideal for securing coral frags, rocks or decorations Can be used fully submerged in water or completely dry Easy to form in various shapes and sizes Can be drilled, filed or sanded after curing Non-toxic to fish, coral and other animals Recommended Dosage: Use the amount needed to secure object. Each stick makes 4 ounces of finished product. Instructions for use: Remove the epoxy stick from the cylindrical container. Peel back the plastic wrap to expose the required amount and remove the silver end cap sticker. Use a plastic knife to cut off the required portion and rewrap the unused piece. Knead the epoxy putty with your fingers, mixing the inner and outer portion together until you have one uniform color. Place the epoxy putty in the desired location, working quickly as product starts to harden within 2 to 5 minutes. Hold the epoxy in position for approximately 2 to 5 minutes to ensure proper positioning. Complete curing takes approximately 24 hours in water and up to 48 hours when dry. Please Note: We recommend that you discontinue the use of protein skimmers for 24 hours as large amounts of this product may cause excessive foam.