KGB Zoas

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Thank you for checking out our ReefNation's sustainably raised corals!  


You will receive a 1-2" piece of this coral that has been healed for at least 2 weeks before shipping.  If this is a zoa or softy, we will get you 1-10 heads depending on largest available.  Thank you for your business!  We appreciate it!

All of our ReefNation corals have been adapting to captivity over the years we have grown them.  Some have been here since 1999!   You can be assured that this means they have been through their fair share of speed bumps that we have all had in our systems and come out the other side stronger.  This means you will have a frag that given the right conditions, will grow happily for years to come!

We recommend trying to replicate the parameters these corals were grown in.  This helps for an easy transition to your tank and helps the corals get off on the right foot. 

Current Parameters

Water Chemistry- Alkalinty- 7-8, Magnesium 1290-1350, Salinity- 35 (read salinity vs SG) , Calcium-410-425.  Nitrate- 0.5-2, Phosphates- .01-.04

Lighting- MH &T-5s with Blue LED Supplement

Lighting Intensity-  300-350 PAR 

Flow- Medium to High.  Our frag system has some major motion!