Coral Defense Coral Dip 500ml


Product Description

Coral Defense

  • Coral Dip and Disease Control

  • Quickly removes difficult coral pests

  • Treats Microbial Infections

  • Completely Safe and Natural

  • Contains no iodine or dangerous oxidizers

SR Aquaristik Coral Defense has been formulated to keep corals happy and healthy. It does not contain any oxidizers or iodine that could possibly stain or bleach corals. Coral Defense works quickly and effectively on hard to deal with parasites including flatworms and coral eating nudibranchs as well as bacteria that can quickly damage or kill coral tissue.
Shake bottle vigorously before use
How to:
To use as a coral dip, add 20 ml or four capfuls for every 1 gallon of water. We recommend using water from the aquarium to make the dip. Keep water moving around the coral with a small pump or gently move the coral through the dip with your hand. Treat the coral for approximately 5 to 10 minutes and preferably agitate the water with a powerhead.  We have dipped corals for up to an hour with no ill effects. Gently rinse the coral in a second bath containing aquarium water and reintroduce the coral back into the aquarium or quarantine tank under lower light for a day post-dip. SR Aquaristik Coral Defense contains no antibiotics or heavy metals.
Discard the coral dip after use and do not reuse.