SRA Aquarium Cyanobacteria-Red/Green Slime Remover 10 tabs Treats Up To 100 Gallons


For use in Freshwater & Saltwater Reef Aquariums


Used for Treatment of:

  • Red Slime

  • Green Slime

  • Cyanobacteria

Directions For Use:


How Much:  1 tab treats 10 gallons/4 liters


How Often:  Use when needed.


How To:  Siphon out as much slime as possible before treatment.  We recommend adding product when lighting will be on for several hours - never add in the evening before lights turn off.  Add an appropriate amount of tablets to problem area, near good circulation.


Please Note:  It is important to accurately dose any medication.  Take time to carefully confirm the water volume in your aquarium before adding medication or any other water treatment.  Discontinue the use of protein skimmers/UV clarifiers/sterilizers/chemical filtration - including the use of carbon, zeolite or ion exchange resins while using this product.