Ocean Nightmares Will Always Feature The Anglerfish

cartoon fish with giant open mouth full of sharp teeth and a light bulb hanging from his head

You might remember the scene in the movie, Finding Nemo, when Marlin and Dory, in their journey to find Nemo, drop a snorkel mask into the dark depths of the ocean. When they swim down to search for the lost mask, they encounter a single light source in the blackness which turns out to be the glowing light at the tip of an anglerfish’s antennae! Animation of course allows Marlin and Dory to escape the clapping jaws of … [Read more...]

“Monsters” of the deep sea: Viperfish


This is one of my favorite predator fish of the deep, Viperfish, they are found anywhere between 250-5,000 feet below the water's surface. They are found anywhere in the world and are also known as Sloan's Viperfish or Sloan's fangfish. The scientific name for this fish is Chauliodus sloani. You may have recently seen a similar fish in an animated series, "Tell me, Dory, do you see anything?  ...Yeah, I see a … [Read more...]

Why a Decrease in Shark Finning is Bad News for Manta Rays

Majestic Manta Rays have been a diver favorite for decades due to their playful and curious nature. Manta and Mobula rays both belong to the family mobulidae, a group of planktivore (plankton eating) rays.  Out of the eleven ray species in the mobulidae family, there are only two types of Mantas: reef dwelling and the infamous oceanic Manta.  In the past ten years, dedicated scientists have worked together to unravel the … [Read more...]

Prehistoric Tank: Aegirocassis benmoulae Edition

Photo courtesy of Martin Cathrae on flickr.com (2009).

Prehistoric Tank: Aegirocassis benmoulae Edition by Ariana McCumber In homage to the classic Jurassic Park movies and the recent theater debut of Jurassic World, I’d like to introduce the first piece of an article series called Prehistoric Tank. This series of articles will discuss different sea creatures –extinct or still among us…   So, let’s talk about the newest creature that should be added to the Jurassic Park … [Read more...]

Galloping in the Galápagos


Galloping in the Galápagos In the Galápagos Islands, untouched diversity is the name of the game, including the animals, plants and topography. Both biologists and savvy world travelers know about the volcanic archipelago, located more than 400 miles west of Ecuador, for its untouched nature and adventure that changes around the corner of every island. Want this adventure of a lifetime, where swimming with sea lions and … [Read more...]

World’s rarest shark will fit in your pocket


World’s rarest shark will fit in your pocket By: Ashley Gustafson   It is one massive understatement to say that there is still a great deal to learn about the oceans and all the species that call it home.It is nearly a daily occurrence that new species are being discovered in the deep, mysterious waters of the ocean floor. These new discoveries are not only exhilarating but also give researchers and scientists a … [Read more...]

What a Clown! The Mandarin Dragonette

Mandarin Goby

What a Clown! The Mandarin Dragonette by Jules Cremer         We are all attracted to different things. It may be a hobby or a person. It may be a place or a memory. I, personally, find coral reefs attractive and beautiful. There is something about all of that color that draws in the eye and draws out a breath of awe. And one of the things I find the most attractive about a coral reef is the riot … [Read more...]

Belize: My favorite creatures I found there

Belize: My favorite creatures I found there by Michele Olson The ocean is full of life from the shallows to the deep. This I have always known, but it is something quite different to experience it. I have never seen so much beautiful life packed in one area like I did when I went to Belize. The water was perfect and so was everything that lived inside it. By day, my group snorkeled at countless colorful and lively reefs … [Read more...]

“A Tale of Sharp Teeth” by Julie Cremer


The other night, I was watching, "You Only Live Twice", in my living room; a 1967 James Bond Film starring Sean Connery. Towards the end of the film, Bond comes face to face with one of his biggest arch enemies; Ernst Stavro Blowfeld who is the head of SPECTRE. In one sequence of the movie, Bond is taken to Blowfeld's private residence where he has to walk across a bridge that spans a pond full of piranhas. Hans, one of … [Read more...]

A Trip to Belize: A Diver’s Paradise


A Trip to Belize: A Diver’s Paradise By: Ashley Gustafson Imagine a country tranquil and diverse, from its rainforest dominant interior to its clear blue coastal waters, filled with a different sort of rainforest. Coral reefs are often nicknamed the “rainforest of the sea” for their rich ecosystems full of every sort of life. Belize is famous for its barrier reef that stretches 155 miles from tip to tip, making it the … [Read more...]