Coral Bleaching: Proof of Destructive Climate Change

coral reefs

Coral Bleaching: Proof of Destructive Climate Change by Gabbie Baillargeon The classic image of a thriving reef full of life and color has begun to transform into a bleached white wasteland that is incapable of supporting life. Corals have gone from being the ocean's lifeline to fighting for its own vitality, due to the onset of global warming. We have all heard the term "global warming" but not always speculated the … [Read more...]

MACNA 2014 LATEST-Neptune launches DŌS

Neptune Systems DOS

MACNA 2014 LATEST-Neptune launches DŌS by Justin Hester Utah, get me 2! DŌS that is! Hot off the press from MACNA, Neptune systems has entered into the tank dosing market with a bang.  From the looks of their new doser cleverly named "DŌS"  it will not only be able to do your daily dosing of things like alkalinity and calcium, but will also include both micro and macro dosing for trace elements and water … [Read more...]

New Reef Raft USA Corals coming soon

Reef Raft USA Corals

New Reef Raft USA Corals coming soon by Justin Hester Tony at ReefRaft USA has been known for bringing some pretty sick pieces into the reef hobby over the years.  I've seen many of them first hand on my business trips out to California over the years.  Here are 3 that are hot off the presses over there at Reef Raft USA.  They don't even have names at the time I am writing this.  As they get names, I'll come back … [Read more...]

Potential down side to dosing vodka,vinegar and amino acids in a reef tank?

STN RTN from Salt Alkalinity Swing

Potential down side to dosing vodka,vinegar and amino acids in a reef tank? by Justin Hester In previous articles, we have talked about the plus sides to dosing carbon sources like vodka and vinegar in our reef tanks, but is there a more elusive and dangerous down side we need to look out for?  Does the same apply for amino acid dosing? There just might be a scary corollary to dosing these supplements given the right … [Read more...]

New Coral Release: Reef Exotic Watermelon Milli

Reef Exotic watermelon milli

  New Coral Release: Reef Exotic Watermelon Milli by Justin Hester Finally getting some nice size frags of this coral going.  Its a stunner as far as its color, but to get that you usually have to have it up pretty high.  We have moved a second colony of it a bit further down in less light and its been nice enough to offer us up some arms that we are able to frag and share with you all.  Look for it here in the … [Read more...]

Reef Hacks- Brush up!


Reef Hacks- Brush up! by Justin Hester Ok, so its simple, but every 6 months when I go for my dental check up, the ear to ear grin that comes over me when I am handed a new toothbrush has to unnerve my dentist at least a little bit.  I'm thinking one of these years he is going to call me out and ask why the hell I am so excited to get a new toothbrush!  Little does he know that this silly toothbrush goes to work … [Read more...]

Vinegar/Vodka Carbon Dosing Calculator

Reef Raft Green Leptosteris

Vinegar/Vodka Dosing Calculator by Justin Hester Carbon dosing in all its forms has become a popular tool for reefers to keep their nitrates in check and reduce unsightly algae and cyanobacteria blooms.  figuring out the how much of these carbon sources to dose has always been a bit of  an art and a science.  We have come up with a spreadsheet that can calculate this for you instantly. The rates and amounts are what … [Read more...]

Scientists make new biodegradable plastic from shrimp shells

Harvard Shrilk

Scientists make new biodegradable plastic from shrimp shells   by Justin Hester   Don Ingber, director at the Wyss Institute, at Harvard has recently announced a new biodegradable plastic that comes from combining the properties of shrimp shells and silk.  The new substance is clear and can be used in many of the most common forms of plastic from egg cartons to plastic bottles.  The scientists are … [Read more...]

Controlling Nitrates with Chaeto?


  Controlling Nitrates with Chaeto? by Justin Hester Show most reef aquarists a picture of squiggly algae and 90% would probably call out the name chaetomorpha or "chaeto"  as its commonly known.  Many of us use this algae to export nutrients in the form of Nitrate and phosphate from our reef systems.  Knowing how much you need to keep though has always been kind of a mystery and depends on many factors in … [Read more...]

FRAG Swap-Chicagoland-March 15th


FRAG Swap-Chicagoland-March 15th The Fox Valley Reef Aquarium Group  ( F.R.A.G.)  will be holding a frag swap Saturday March 15th in St Charles.   Bring a friend, get a frag! There will be some coffee and doughnuts and 2 tanks for you to put your frags in. Here are the highlights so far: -Raffle Items- Corals, Dry Goods, Gift Certificates -5$ 10$ 20$ Frag Bin -Trade your corals with fellow Chicagoland … [Read more...]