World’s rarest shark will fit in your pocket


World’s rarest shark will fit in your pocket By: Ashley Gustafson   It is one massive understatement to say that there is still a great deal to learn about the oceans and all the species that call it home.It is nearly a daily occurrence that new species are being discovered in the deep, mysterious waters of the ocean floor. These new discoveries are not only exhilarating but also give researchers and s … [Read more...]

What a Clown! The Mandarin Dragonette

Mandarin Goby

What a Clown! The Mandarin Dragonette by Jules Cremer         We are all attracted to different things. It may be a hobby or a person. It may be a place or a memory. I, personally, find coral reefs attractive and beautiful. There is something about all of that color that draws in the eye and draws out a breath of awe. And one of the things I find the most attractive about a coral reef … [Read more...]

Belize: My favorite creatures I found there

Belize: My favorite creatures I found there by Michele Olson The ocean is full of life from the shallows to the deep. This I have always known, but it is something quite different to experience it. I have never seen so much beautiful life packed in one area like I did when I went to Belize. The water was perfect and so was everything that lived inside it. By day, my group snorkeled at countless colorful and lively … [Read more...]

“A Tale of Sharp Teeth” by Julie Cremer


The other night, I was watching, "You Only Live Twice", in my living room; a 1967 James Bond Film starring Sean Connery. Towards the end of the film, Bond comes face to face with one of his biggest arch enemies; Ernst Stavro Blowfeld who is the head of SPECTRE. In one sequence of the movie, Bond is taken to Blowfeld's private residence where he has to walk across a bridge that spans a pond full of piranhas. Hans, one of … [Read more...]

A Trip to Belize: A Diver’s Paradise


A Trip to Belize: A Diver’s Paradise By: Ashley Gustafson Imagine a country tranquil and diverse, from its rainforest dominant interior to its clear blue coastal waters, filled with a different sort of rainforest. Coral reefs are often nicknamed the “rainforest of the sea” for their rich ecosystems full of every sort of life. Belize is famous for its barrier reef that stretches 155 miles from tip to tip, making it the … [Read more...]

South Florida sea turtle hospital continues its legacy through programs and outreach

Bianca the Sea Turtle

South Florida sea turtle hospital continues its legacy through programs and outreach   By Hannah Deadman   At Loggerhead Marinelife Center, it’s not just the hospital staff that helps sea turtles – it’s an entire team effort dedicated to sea turtle rehabilitation, conservation, education and research. The sea turtle rehabilitation center’s 22-member team, located in Juno Beach, Fla., shows that even small non- … [Read more...]

Mantis Shrimp Uncovered

Mantis Shrimp

Mantis Shrimp Uncovered by: Michael Phife Whenever you think of a shrimp, the appearance of a mantis shrimp does not come to mind. In fact, they are not even related to shrimp at all but are in another category called Stomatopods. The mantis shrimp is vibrant in color that ranges from red, green, turquoise, and blue. They almost look like a small version of a lobster with beady eyes, but are much more menacing than that … [Read more...]

Why is the Melanurus Wrasse one of our favorite reef tank fish?

Melanurus Wrasse

Why is the Melanurus Wrasse one of our favorite reef tank fish? by Justin Hester When it comes to reef aquaria, there are hundreds if not thousands of fish to choose from. Most either fall into the category of "looking cool" or "doing something beneficial" in your reef aquarium. The melanurus wrasse in my opinion is one of the best in both categories. It can be one of your best friends as far as actively seeking out … [Read more...]

Petco to aquire Dr’s Foster and Smith ( including Live Aquaria)

Petco logo

Petco to acquire Drs. Foster and Smith ( including Live Aquaria) Shortly after the workday on Wednesday ended, the news broke that Petco, one of the nations leading pet retailers had bought the Rhinelander based Drs. Foster and Smith.  As is standard procedure, both Petco and DFS announced that the move would be "business as usual"  with both companies looking to grow their operations, but just what the future plans will … [Read more...]

The Jellypocalypse is Upon Us

jellies and fisherman

The Jellypocalypse is Upon Us by Gabbie Bailargeon CNN calls it a "Jellypocalypse" as most beach goers and scientists agree that dangerous jellyfish bloom occurrences have continued to increase each year since the early 2000's.  A jelly bloom occurs when there is a sudden proliferation of jellyfish at a rapid rate, but is usually contained to specific regions.  However, not only do studies show that blooms are more f … [Read more...]