Carbon Dosing-The Good, The Bad, and the Hangover

vodka dosing

Carbon Dosing-The Good, The Bad, and the Hangover Many reefers have read articles about carbon dosing and tried the occasional addition of various carbon sources to their tanks over the last few years. This carbon can come in many forms; vinegar, acetone, grape sugar, bio pellets, and the most popular, Vodka. Some of these additions are measured based on tank volume, some are placed inside a media reactor, and sometimes … [Read more...]

What is pH?

pH probe

What is pH? by Brian Dunat When you setup your first saltwater tank, you probably got the basic run down from your local fish store on how to keep track of the major tank parameters, light, salinity, and temperature.  They probably also told you how to test and monitor each of these, but what about pH?  Why is it important?  How do you control it?  Should you try to control it?  Why does it vary from day to night? … [Read more...]

Reefnation Helpful Reef Tank Links


Reefnation Helpful Reef Tank Links Hopefully these links will help you in some way shape or form in maintaining or setting up your reef tank.  We have used these over the years to balance chemicals, mix up solutions, and dose our reef tanks.  Hopefully you can get some mileage out of them as well.   Water Chemistry-Dosing Alkalinity, Calcium, Kalkwasser, and Magnesium -Bulk Reef Supply Calculator-  This page … [Read more...]