Calcium Reactor Modification

Calcium reactor Modification phase 2

Calcium Reactor Modification by Justin Hester Recently we did some modifications to our calcium reactor that has resulted in a leveling of our pH like we have never seen before. Its also made our coral growth go bonkers!  We have literally had some of our acro's put on monthly growth in about a week after making this one tweak to our setup!   What is going on in your calcium reactor We have run a GEO 818 … [Read more...]

Product Review: Jebao WP-25 Wave Maker Pump

What's in the box with a Jebao WP-25

Product Review: Jebao WP-25 Wave Maker Pump by Brian Dunat Overview  The Jebao WP pumps are starting to gain more traction in our hobby, so we decided to write a quick review on the Jebao WP-25 pump. At ReefNation, we have been using several models of the Jebao pumps to supplement our VorTech pumps that are connected to the EcoTech Battery Backup units (it’s part of the hobby when you live in the Midwest). What’s … [Read more...]

New Coral Release:Tyree Rouge Milli

Tyree Rouge Milli

New Coral Release:Tyree Rouge Milli by Justin Hester This week we are proud to release one of our all time favorite corals, the Tyree Rouge Millepora.  This coral has been sought after by SPS collectors for years and we are excited to be able to now offer it through our catalog of sustainably grown frags. What has made this coral so unique is its contrasting coloration of lime green to yellow polyps over a deep … [Read more...]

Gone Fishing in a Reef Aquarium?


Gone Fishing in a Reef Aquarium? by Brian Dunat Everyone in the hobby has been at a Local Fish Store (LFS) and has seen a fish that “catches” their eye. It brings back memories of seeing a new, shiny bike at a toy store that you can’t live without. Well the difference is with a bike, it’s easy to put it back into a car and take it back when it doesn’t work out. Once you introduce a new fish to an established reef … [Read more...]

Controlling Nitrates with Chaeto?


  Controlling Nitrates with Chaeto? by Justin Hester Show most reef aquarists a picture of squiggly algae and 90% would probably call out the name chaetomorpha or "chaeto"  as its commonly known.  Many of us use this algae to export nutrients in the form of Nitrate and phosphate from our reef systems.  Knowing how much you need to keep though has always been kind of a mystery and depends on many factors in … [Read more...]

Project Reef Report

Dominican Republic Reef Picture

Project Reef Report We are excited to launch Project Reef Report which will give hobbyists a chance to see in real time what water parameters are around the worlds oceans! While reef hobbyists and the creatures we keep come from all around out planet, the water parameters all of us strive to keep our tanks at are actually very similar. Project Reef Report will allow us to see if indeed we are keeping our tanks at the … [Read more...]

Ecotech Marine / Aqua Illumination Merger

LED, Ecotech Aqua Illuminations merger

Ecotech Marine/ Aqua Illumination Merger by Justin Hester   Two weeks ago we saw the two giants of the reef tank LED industry announce a merger.  Like most mergers, it was announced that in the near term, there will be little change in either companies products, support, or sales models,  but what will the future hold? How will they merge and enhance their future joint products?  What will this mean for the … [Read more...]

Top 5 Algae Eating Reef Tank Fish

Purple Tang Zebrasoma

                      Top 5 Algae Eating Reef Tank Fish   In a reef tank, many of the conditions that we create as we grow our corals also promote the growth of an unwanted neighbor, algae.  The balancing act of providing a nice habitat for corals to grow and keeping algae at bay plays out every day both in the wild as well as … [Read more...]

Primo Reefs Has A Sustainable Alternative to Live Reef Rock

Acropora Nana Purple Monster0003

Primo Reefs Has A Sustainable Alternative to Live Reef Rock Ever since the hobby of reef keeping was started, the foundation of any new tank setup consisted of many pounds of "live rock".  This live rock typically consisted of dead coral skeletons that made up the foundation layer of a reef or ocean bottom somewhere around the world.  This rock is removed, kept wet, and shipped to local fish stores around the world. … [Read more...]

Fish Tank Kings: Youth Center Kids Episode

Live Coral Tank

Fish Tank Kings: Youth Center Kids Episode So I wasn't sure what side of reef keeping would be shown on the latest reality TV take on the aquarium world, but NatGeo's  Fish Tank Kings seems to be doing a decent job of entertaining as well as educating.   This is Nat Geo's first foray into the reality side of the aquarium world which is the counter to Animal Planet's Tanked.  I have to admit that when a second show in … [Read more...]