Top 5 Algae Eating Reef Tank Fish

Purple Tang Zebrasoma

                      Top 5 Algae Eating Reef Tank Fish   In a reef tank, many of the conditions that we create as we grow our corals also promote the growth of an unwanted neighbor, algae.  The balancing act of providing a nice habitat for corals to grow and keeping algae at bay plays out every day both in the wild as well as in our tanks. As we build … [Read more...]

Keys to Successful Reefkeeping: The Eyes Have it

Underwater shot of some of our corals in the ReefNation Aquaculture facility

Keys to Successful Reefkeeping: The Eyes Have it We have all seen amazing reef tanks with troves of schooling fish, crystal clear water, and not a piece of algae in sight. If we all had the means, we would snap our fingers and presto that aquarium would show up in our living room. Now, once you pinch yourself, pop that bubble over your head and take a good look at the aquarium that really sits in your living room, you may … [Read more...]