Mysteries of the Sea Hare

sea hare

Mysteries of the Sea Hare by Gabbie Baillargeon Cerulean blue waves crash over my head as I swim out past the surf break.  I have snorkel gear on complete with three layers of neoprene, as the biting April water was relentless.  Along with my AP Biology classmates, we embark on an adventure of epic proportions to beautiful Catalina Island, off the coast of California.  Back up a few hours to how we arrived on the is … [Read more...]

Hundreds of Baby Sea Lions Wash Ashore

el nino seals

Hundreds of Baby Sea Lions Wash Ashore by Claude Dargan These past few months of 2015 have been considered incredibly tolling on sea lions, specifically the pups. Droves of the baby sea lions are washing up on southern California shores in record-breaking numbers. Since January 1st of this year, the number of sea lion pups washing ashore has been over 2,250 and is still increasing each day. Even though sea lion p … [Read more...]

Seahorses: Our Misunderstood Friends


Seahorses: Our Misunderstood Friends By: Michael Phife   Seahorses are some of the most fascinating creatures in the ocean. They are named for their horse-like appearance from how their heads slant down and their body curvature.They are found on ocean floors and reef beds, holding onto some type of branched coral or seaweed / kelp / mangrove. They are in a sense an adapted form of a pipefish, with their … [Read more...]

Bizarre Marine Fish in Biscayne Bay

"A face only a mother could love." Image of a shortnose batfish, Ogcocephalus nasutus

Bizarre Marine Fish in Biscayne Bay Two of the most bizarre marine fish that I have encountered, occurred while snorkeling with a group of students after an afternoon of kayaking in Biscayne Bay, located on the Atlantic coast in South Florida.  I have been venturing into Biscayne Bay for the past five years and have had quite the pleasure of swimming with many kinds of diverse marine life. I thought I had seen most of it … [Read more...]

Unusual Creatures: A closer look at misunderstood Moray Eels


Unusual Creatures: A closer look at misunderstood Moray Eels By: Ashley Gustafson   When any given person thinks of a Moray eel, more than likely they think of two common misconceptions: one they are related to snakes and two,they are frenzied predators that attack anything or anyone that gets too close. While this may be the image movies, media, and literature paints of the Moray eel, it is not the case. … [Read more...]

Atlantic Horseshoe crabs facing new threats


Atlantic Horseshoe crabs facing new threats by Hannah Deadman Atlantic horseshoe crabs are continually making their way into the medical and pharmaceutical spotlight. From their morphology to the medical research continually being conducted on them, these little arthropods seem to have a lot to offer. Interestingly enough, these primal-looking critters are not true crabs. In fact, they’re more closely related to s … [Read more...]

A better look at the Portuguese man-of-war

Portuguese Man-of-war close up

A better look at the Portuguese man-of-war By: Ashley Gustafson Beautiful, ethereal, mesmerizing; Odds are one look at the Portuguese man-of-war will leave you wanting another. Best known for its painful sting, this infamous ocean dweller is not a popular beach guest. This vibrant but mysterious invertebrate is an excellent example of an organism appearing to be one animal but is actual a whole colony. The Portuguese … [Read more...]

Bacteria Reproduction – They Go Both Ways

bacteria rods

Prokaryotes, who are they? Bacteria reproduction is intriguing in that there are 4 different ways in which they are able to reproduce.  But first we need to go back to the basics: there are two different types of cells, Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes.  Eukaryotes are the “new and improved” cell type,because they are found in multicellular organisms in addition to being much more complex and higher functioning.  Conversely, … [Read more...]

Warming California Waters Cause wandering Nudibranch Species

Hopkins' Rose Nudibranch

Warming California Waters Cause wandering Hopkins’ Rose Nudibranch Species By. Ashley Gustafson   Nudibranchs, better known as sea slugs, are an incredibly beautiful, hypnotizing, and  often Technicolor animal found in oceans all over the world. Just like any ocean dwelling  animal, certain species of sea slugs have specific temperature requirements and limitations of the water they reside within. As the glo … [Read more...]

5 “Jaws” Shark Myths Proved False

whale shark

5 "Jaws" Shark Myths Proved False by Gabbie Baillargeon How many times have you been in , or even near, the ocean and thought about the chances that sharks were lurking under the water? My guess - a lot.  It is only natural, for the media has sensationalized and stereotyped all sharks as man eating beasts, whose soulless being strives to prey and feast on humans.  Ever since the movie Jaws came out in the summer of 1 … [Read more...]