Prehistoric Tank: Eurypterid Edition

Photo courtesy of Martin Cathrae on (2009).

First things that come to mind when you think of the word ‘scorpion?’ Go. Well, for me, I instantly picture a scorpion: the creature with two claws and a menacing, arched tail hanging over its’ back as if it were a famous contortionist. Then I think of the movie Scorpion King with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and those strange lollipops with the Thumbelina sized scorpions encased in the middle (yeah, I know this has no … [Read more...]

Aquarium Triggerfish

Clown Triggerfish photo courtesey of:

Triggerfish in Your Aquarium As members of the Balistidae family, there are about eleven types of Triggerfish that have successfully found homes in aquarium tanks. These eleven vary in size, color, and behavior, but share some similarities such as diet and water conditions. Overall, a Triggerfish should be the solitary fish in a tank, but can cohabitate with other large eels, angelfish, snappers, wrasse, and … [Read more...]

Deep Sea Intrigues

Deep Sea Exploration. NOAA. Attribution: By NOAA (courtesy of NOAA for caliornia Academy of science) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Public Domain.

Countless stories and articles on the ocean will tell you how little we know about it – and it’s true. We really don’t know all that much about the ocean or the creatures that live there, especially those living in the deep sea. Scientists are constantly discovering new things about the deep sea. Some of the things we do know are that two-thirds of the world is comprised of ocean, providing 190 times the living … [Read more...]

Hawaiian Trigger Fish

Hawaiian reef trigger fish. Photo courtesy of

  The Wild Trigger Fish The trigger fish is a carnivorous, bottom-dwelling fish that gravitates toward tropical waters. They are part of the Balistidae family and have the scientific name of rhinecanthus. These fish can be primarily found in shallow waters on the edge of reef habitats. Similar to many other tropical fish, the Hawaiian trigger fish (also named the reef trigger fish or the rectangular trigger … [Read more...]

The Lawnmower Blenny

blenny stare

The Lawnmower Blenny The perfect little gardener that every aquarium needs is the Lawnmower Blenny . These guys are a mottled tan, and they practically blend right in to their environment. They also only grow to about five inches, meaning they are the perfect size for a home aquarium. Meaning Behind the Name Some other names you might know the Blenny Fish by are the Jeweled Rockskipper, Lawnmower, Blue Lawnmower, or … [Read more...]

Applications of Optimal Foraging Theory

Applications of Optimal Foraging Theory By: Ashley Gustafson When you see, hear, or read the idea of “optimal foraging theory” it may be intimidating or even seem irrelevant. In reality, it’s something as humans we consider every day. While many human beings don’t forage or hunt in the classical sense anymore, we do decide what we are going to eat and when we are going to eat it. Just like our wild animal counterparts, … [Read more...]

Deep Ocean Animals Explored!

Deep Sea Exploration. NOAA. Attribution: By NOAA (courtesy of NOAA for caliornia Academy of science) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Public Domain.

  Deep ocean animals get a reputation for being creepy and grotesque. Razor sharp teeth, the ability to produce their own light, and to live under even the most extreme conditions make them perfectly suited for the term ‘sea monsters.’ Even so, these infamous deep sea creatures have amazing attributes that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Let’s take a look some of the ocean’s most interesting deep sea … [Read more...]

Mine, Mine, Mine! says the Damselfish


Stalking the crevices of coral reefs in the tropics around the world are the damselfish. They claim the nooks and crannies within the reefs, and then they defend those nooks and crannies with their lives. Okay, so that’s a little dramatic. They probably aren’t willing to die for their homes, but they will fight tooth and nail to keep their homes from other damselfish in the housing market. These are some of the … [Read more...]

Why a Decrease in Shark Finning is Bad News for Manta Rays

Majestic Manta Rays have been a diver favorite for decades due to their playful and curious nature. Manta and Mobula rays both belong to the family mobulidae, a group of planktivore (plankton eating) rays.  Out of the eleven ray species in the mobulidae family, there are only two types of Mantas: reef dwelling and the infamous oceanic Manta.  In the past ten years, dedicated scientists have worked together to unravel the … [Read more...]

Spotted Eagle Rays

rays featured4

Spotted Eagle Rays The best place to spot these rays is in the tropics all around the world. They live in the Gulf of Mexico, Hawaii, West Africa, the Indian Ocean, Oceania, and off both coasts of both Americas. They have been seen at depths of eighty meters (262 feet), but much of their preferred food can be found in coral reefs, so it is likely they can be found hunting around those same reefs. The colored habitats … [Read more...]