New Reef Raft USA Corals coming soon

Reef Raft USA Corals

New Reef Raft USA Corals coming soon by Justin Hester Tony at ReefRaft USA has been known for bringing some pretty sick pieces into the reef hobby over the years.  I've seen many of them first hand on my business trips out to California over the years.  Here are 3 that are hot off the presses over there at Reef Raft USA.  They don't even have names at the time I am writing this.  As they get names, I'll come back … [Read more...]

New Coral Release: Reef Exotic Watermelon Milli

Reef Exotic watermelon milli

  New Coral Release: Reef Exotic Watermelon Milli by Justin Hester Finally getting some nice size frags of this coral going.  Its a stunner as far as its color, but to get that you usually have to have it up pretty high.  We have moved a second colony of it a bit further down in less light and its been nice enough to offer us up some arms that we are able to frag and share with you all.  Look for it here in the … [Read more...]

New Coral Release:Tyree Rouge Milli

Tyree Rouge Milli

New Coral Release:Tyree Rouge Milli by Justin Hester This week we are proud to release one of our all time favorite corals, the Tyree Rouge Millepora.  This coral has been sought after by SPS collectors for years and we are excited to be able to now offer it through our catalog of sustainably grown frags. What has made this coral so unique is its contrasting coloration of lime green to yellow polyps over a deep … [Read more...]

New Coral Release: Sexy Samoensis

Acropora Samoensis

Sexy Samoensis Here is a shot of our acropora samoensis.  This coral actually came to us about 4 years ago from a local reefer here in Chicagoland that was doing some work on his tank and needed it out of there for a while.  We placed it medium in one of our display tanks and then gradually moved it to the top where it sits today.  In fact, you can see it on the live ReefNation webcam on our homepage.  Its on the top … [Read more...]

Scientists make new biodegradable plastic from shrimp shells

Harvard Shrilk

Scientists make new biodegradable plastic from shrimp shells   by Justin Hester   Don Ingber, director at the Wyss Institute, at Harvard has recently announced a new biodegradable plastic that comes from combining the properties of shrimp shells and silk.  The new substance is clear and can be used in many of the most common forms of plastic from egg cartons to plastic bottles.  The scientists are … [Read more...]

Jellyfish Blooms: Natural Cycle Or Increasing Trend


Jellyfish Blooms: Natural Cycle Or Increasing Trend by Valeria … [Read more...]

Dolphin Swims To Diver To Have Hook Removed…Twice

Bottlenose_dolphin_with_young   Dolphin Swims To Diver To Have Hook Removed...Twice by: Erica bried The Bottlenose Dolphin is one species of small cetacean most well known for interacting with humans. These creatures have large brains, with a brain to body mass higher than most other animals. They will allow humans to play with them and even to ride them. However, they are still wild animals and their behavior … [Read more...]

Dolphins Dying on the East Coast


Dolphins Dying on the East Coast written by: Brian Kokonya   Over the past few months, carcasses of dolphins of the bottlenose species have been discovered on the shores of the ocean across the United States from Virginia to New York raising concerns over the environmental health of the oceans and the future of aquatic life in general. Several scientists have expressed concerns over the rising number of deaths … [Read more...]

OCEARCH Shark Tracker App


  Protecting Sharks through the Help of OCEARCH’s Shark Tracker App written by: Justin Hester Sharks are in decline worldwide due to a whole range of human fishing activities. There is no debate on global warming or ocean acidification here, the blame lays square on humans. Recently a familiar set of ESPN faces has turned their fish catching machines into shark tagging machines.  Traveling the globe … [Read more...]

Watch Your Nuts! Warning Recalled


  Watch Your Nuts!  Warning Recalled   written by: Jyang Roup A warning released over the wekend seems to have ben a joke that nobody was laughing at. The warning which was targeted at male swimmers who were regular swimmers at the coast of sweden and denmark that they should protect their private parts if they were to be safe from a testicle biting fish. the fish had been said to focus only on the … [Read more...]