Blue Dragon of the Sea

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And I bet you thought dragons didn’t exist. Glaucus atlanticus, more commonly called the “blue dragon,” the “blue angel,” the “sea swallow,” or the “blue sea slug,” is an unusual mollusk devoid of a shell. The brilliant blue and silver markings provide contrasting camouflage for the creature through counter-shading, allowing the Blue Dragon to be camouflaged both above and below. The vivid colors also warn of its … [Read more...]

On the Brink: Sea Turtles of the Coral Triangle

A Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle. Photo courtesy of:

Coral Triangle Covering hundreds of miles, the Coral Triangle is a reef located in the western Pacific Ocean. This vast area is home to 600 different varieties of coral as well as six marine species of turtles, all of which are considered endangered. Hundreds of millions of people live on the islands encompassed in the Coral Triangle (the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, East Timor, and Solomon … [Read more...]

Mindstream Video Demo Part 3


In our third segment, we take a look at some of the behind the scenes testing tools the Mindstream team has been using to calibrate and test the Mindstream monitor. They have been trying in the lab to track known values and make sure the monitor follows the same readings. Parameter Forecasting One of the most interesting thing Jim shows on this segment is both the history and the trending that the software will do as … [Read more...]

Shark Conservation vs. The Media

Nurse Shark in the Caribbean

Shark Conservation Vs. The Media We have seen a lot of shark coverage in the media recently.  Last month the Discovery Channel aired their annual “Shark Week” - a week focused on documentaries and specials about sharks.  There have also been several news stories focused on a spate of attacks and sightings along East Coast beaches.  A surfer was filmed during competition fighting off a shark in South Africa.  But it begs … [Read more...]

FWC makes major fish poaching bust in South Florida


FWC makes major fish poaching bust in South Florida By: Ashley Gustafson It is sad times when poaching crimes and scandals are headlining news channels and outlets around the world. The rash of public displays of blatant disrespect for not only the law but the beautiful, important, and endangered animals protected by that law is not only alarming but heartbreaking. With the uproar of poaching crime around the … [Read more...]

The Mystery of the Giant Blob

A diver discovers a mysterious, giant blob off of the coast of Turkey

(Photo by: Lutfu Tarriover/Vimeo) It's's's...a blob of eggs?! In many ways, the sea remains a huge mystery. We have yet to breach all of its depths and discover all of its secrets. But what causes us to scratch our heads also draws us and calls to us just like sailors drawn to a siren song. There is always that fascination...that need to know the story behind any great mystery. This past … [Read more...]

Prehistoric Tank: Eurypterid Edition

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First things that come to mind when you think of the word ‘scorpion?’ Go. Well, for me, I instantly picture a scorpion: the creature with two claws and a menacing, arched tail hanging over its’ back as if it were a famous contortionist. Then I think of the movie Scorpion King with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and those strange lollipops with the Thumbelina sized scorpions encased in the middle (yeah, I know this has no … [Read more...]

Aquarium Triggerfish

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Triggerfish in Your Aquarium As members of the Balistidae family, there are about eleven types of Triggerfish that have successfully found homes in aquarium tanks. These eleven vary in size, color, and behavior, but share some similarities such as diet and water conditions. Overall, a Triggerfish should be the solitary fish in a tank, but can cohabitate with other large eels, angelfish, snappers, wrasse, and … [Read more...]

Deep Sea Intrigues

Deep Sea Exploration. NOAA. Attribution: By NOAA (courtesy of NOAA for caliornia Academy of science) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
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Countless stories and articles on the ocean will tell you how little we know about it – and it’s true. We really don’t know all that much about the ocean or the creatures that live there, especially those living in the deep sea. Scientists are constantly discovering new things about the deep sea. Some of the things we do know are that two-thirds of the world is comprised of ocean, providing 190 times the living … [Read more...]

Hawaiian Trigger Fish

Hawaiian reef trigger fish. Photo courtesy of

  The Wild Trigger Fish The trigger fish is a carnivorous, bottom-dwelling fish that gravitates toward tropical waters. They are part of the Balistidae family and have the scientific name of rhinecanthus. These fish can be primarily found in shallow waters on the edge of reef habitats. Similar to many other tropical fish, the Hawaiian trigger fish (also named the reef trigger fish or the rectangular trigger … [Read more...]