Horseshoe crabs face threats


Horseshoe crabs face threats by Hannah Deadman Atlantic horseshoe crabs are continually making their way into the medical and pharmaceutical spotlight. From their morphology to the medical research continually being conducted on them, these little arthropods seem to have a lot to offer. Interestingly enough, these primal-looking critters are not true crabs. In fact, they’re more closely related to spiders than c … [Read more...]

Starting a Saltwater Aquarium 101


Starting a Saltwater Aquarium 101 By: Michael Phife   Saltwater aquariums deter many people away due to how much research, knowledge, and understanding must go into them to be able to maintain the aquarium properly. Do not let this discourage you though. With the right guides, anybody can set up an aquarium as long as you put in the time and effort for it. Saltwater aquariums cannot be rushed, and take much … [Read more...]

Catlin Seaview Brings Underwater Reefs to Google Streeview


Catlin Seaview Brings Underwater Reefs to Google Streeview by Gabbie Baillargeon Have you ever been so excited to share stories of your underwater adventures, but others never really understood your excitement for they never experienced it for themselves?  This is a problem that plagues scientists, conservationists, and ocean enthusiasts alike.  Catlin Seaview Survey is trying to mend the gap between expereincing d … [Read more...]

Asexual Reproduction in Coral Reef Systems


Asexual Reproduction in Coral Reef Systems By Ashley Gustafson   Reproduction is an incredible, fascinating and fundamentally crucial component of every living organism. As life itself is immensely diverse, the methods of reproduction can vary greatly from organism to organism. From budding bacteria reproduction to pathogenic lizards to classical sexual reproduction, it seems as though reproduction knows no … [Read more...]

A better look at the Portuguese man-of-war

Portuguese Man-of-war close up

A better look at the Portuguese man-of-war By: Ashley Gustafson Beautiful, ethereal, mesmerizing; Odds are one look at the Portuguese man-of-war will leave you wanting another. Best known for its painful sting, this infamous ocean dweller is not a popular beach guest. This vibrant but mysterious invertebrate is an excellent example of an organism appearing to be one animal but is actual a whole colony. The Portuguese … [Read more...]

Toxins Found in Marine Life


Toxins Found in Marine Life by: Michael Phife This article is going to be a little bit different than my others. Instead of talking about a particular fish, I will be talking about the different toxins each type of fish can produce and their effects on humans. This, in my opinion, is very important to know in case any of you decide to get certain fish that emit toxins, or if any of you are divers out there and stumble … [Read more...]

Miami corals covered in sand


Miami corals covered in sand while nonprofit awaits response from officials     By Hannah Deadman   The corals in Biscayne Bay might soon attend the University of Miami. Because of an Army Corps of Engineers’ dredging project in Biscayne Bay, Miami, the corals will be removed from the bay in order to protect them from being damaged further by sediment buildup from the dredging. Other re … [Read more...]

The Rainforests of the Sea: Coral Reef Ecosystems


The Rainforests of the Sea: Coral Reef Ecosystems By: Ashley Gustafson Every organism has an important role when it comes to making an ecosystem successful. Since coral reefs have achieved the prestigious title of “Rainforests of the Sea” they are known for their successful ecosystems and thus diversity earning them their nickname. Ecosystems are delicate structures that require a strong foundation of energy and int … [Read more...]

What is a Coral Frag?

Porites red with yellow center

What is a Coral Frag? by: Michael Phife Many newcomers to the saltwater aquarium hobby usually ask the question, "What the heck is a coral frag?" If you have seen a coral frag in an aquatics store, then you also probably wondered how they got the coral on a piece of rock. In this brief article, I will not only explain what a coral frag is, but also how to do one yourself. A coral frag is simply a cut off piece … [Read more...]

Memory Around My Neck: My trip to Madagascar


“A Memory Around My Neck" by Julie Cremer   There is a necklace that I wear that may seem plain and insignificant. However, it bears the weight of a dream come true. The chain consists of small metal balls that are linked together; ending in a lobster-hook clasp. The pendant is round and metallic in the back. It is what is on the face of the pendant that means the world to me. A cutout of an atlas page lies u … [Read more...]