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BRS MACNA SPEAKER ROUNDUP by Justin Hester MACNA 2014 was probably the biggest and baddest MACNA yet featuring tons of new and innovative products, reef hobbyists from all over the world, and a killer lineup of guest speakers throughout the labor day weekend.  This year, we are lucky to have all the speakers recorded and available online for those who couldn't make it to Denver.  BRS and MASNA enabled this and I for … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Why Teens Should Care About the Ocean

Great Barrier Reef

5 Reasons Why Teens Should Care About the Ocean By Gabbie Baillargeon Long summer days are best spent on the beach surrounded by friends splashing playfully in the clear, blue water.  At the beach, everyone is able to enjoy stunning views of the ocean and if you’re lucky maybe even spot a few dolphins. However on the car ride home, most don't dwell on the thought the ocean might not stay that beautiful forever.  Most … [Read more...]

Never seen an Aiptasia Move Like This


Never seen an Aiptasia Move Like This by Justin Hester I was staring at my refugium the other day where we breed aiptasia  ( yes I know that sounds crazy)  to feed our butterflyfish.  All of a sudden, I saw this aiptasia jump off its spot and start swimming like a jellyfish!  I guess its no wonder that these two are related!       … [Read more...]

Target Feeding our Auriga Butterflyfish Aiptasia

Butterflyfish eating aiptasia

Target Feeding our Auriga Butterflyfish Aiptasia by Justin Hester Some of you might have seen our aiptasia anemones free swimming on our other video here.  Every few days, we actually grab a handful of them and toss them into our main display for our butterfly fish to eat.  Our 2 Auriga Butterfly fish just LOVE to mow these little nuisance anemones down as fast as we can put them into the tank!  Usually these come … [Read more...]

Coral Bleaching: Proof of Destructive Climate Change

coral reefs

Coral Bleaching: Proof of Destructive Climate Change by Gabbie Baillargeon The classic image of a thriving reef full of life and color has begun to transform into a bleached white wasteland that is incapable of supporting life. Corals have gone from being the ocean's lifeline to fighting for its own vitality, due to the onset of global warming. We have all heard the term "global warming" but not always speculated the … [Read more...]

Calcium Reactor Modification

Calcium reactor Modification phase 2

Calcium Reactor Modification by Justin Hester Recently we did some modifications to our calcium reactor that has resulted in a leveling of our pH like we have never seen before. Its also made our coral growth go bonkers!  We have literally had some of our acro's put on monthly growth in about a week after making this one tweak to our setup!   What is going on in your calcium reactor We have run a GEO 818 … [Read more...]

Product Review: Jebao WP-25 Wave Maker Pump

What's in the box with a Jebao WP-25

Product Review: Jebao WP-25 Wave Maker Pump by Brian Dunat Overview  The Jebao WP pumps are starting to gain more traction in our hobby, so we decided to write a quick review on the Jebao WP-25 pump. At ReefNation, we have been using several models of the Jebao pumps to supplement our VorTech pumps that are connected to the EcoTech Battery Backup units (it’s part of the hobby when you live in the Midwest). What’s … [Read more...]

Doses and Setosas

Montipora Setosa

Doses and Setosas by Justin Hester How many times have you read some post or article somewhere about some amazing looking tank, only to come away buying some random additive or changing your coral husbandry strategies with a knee jerk?  How about a shout out to any of those "late night" reefers that have had a few too many and decided they need to make some drastic change to their dosing schedule.  Have you ever come … [Read more...]

MACNA 2014 LATEST-Neptune launches DŌS

Neptune Systems DOS

MACNA 2014 LATEST-Neptune launches DŌS by Justin Hester Utah, get me 2! DŌS that is! Hot off the press from MACNA, Neptune systems has entered into the tank dosing market with a bang.  From the looks of their new doser cleverly named "DŌS"  it will not only be able to do your daily dosing of things like alkalinity and calcium, but will also include both micro and macro dosing for trace elements and water … [Read more...]

Google Streetview coming to the Florida Keys

Catlin Seaview Camera and Diver in action

Google Streetview coming to the Florida Keys Reefs this weekend by Justin Hester Google street view has given us an unprecedented views of city streets all around the world and now they are giving that same view to us in HD for many of the worlds reefs.  We first reported on this a few years back when Google had partnered with Caitlin Sea Survey to map out the underwater world of the great barrier reef in Australia. … [Read more...]