Adding an external pump to your reef aquarium

px series pump pict

Adding an external pump to your reef aquarium by Brian Dunat In the past, most of  all used some form of a submersible pump to cycle water from a filter or sump into our main display tank. What happens though when you cannot get enough water pressure out of a submersible pump or you have two tanks and you don’t want to setup another sump? Enter external pumps. Scared yet? Don’t be. Planning for your new … [Read more...]

Project Reef Water

Dominican Republic Reef Picture

Project Reef Water We are excited to launch Project Reef Water which will give hobbyists a chance to see in real time what water parameters are around the worlds oceans! While reef hobbyists and the creatures we keep come from all around out planet, the water parameters all of us strive to keep our tanks at are actually very similar. Project Reef Water will allow us to see if indeed we are keeping our tanks at the … [Read more...]

FRAG Swap-Chicagoland-March 15th


FRAG Swap-Chicagoland-March 15th The Fox Valley Reef Aquarium Group  ( F.R.A.G.)  will be holding a frag swap Saturday March 15th in St Charles.   Bring a friend, get a frag! There will be some coffee and doughnuts and 2 tanks for you to put your frags in. Here are the highlights so far: -Raffle Items- Corals, Dry Goods, Gift Certificates -5$ 10$ 20$ Frag Bin -Trade your corals with fellow Chicagoland … [Read more...]

Ecotech Marine / Aqua Illumination Merger

LED, Ecotech Aqua Illuminations merger

Ecotech Marine/ Aqua Illumination Merger by Justin Hester   Two weeks ago we saw the two giants of the reef tank LED industry announce a merger.  Like most mergers, it was announced that in the near term, there will be little change in either companies products, support, or sales models,  but what will the future hold? How will they merge and enhance their future joint products?  What will this mean for the … [Read more...]

Top 5 Algae Eating Reef Tank Fish

Purple Tang Zebrasoma

                      Top 5 Algae Eating Reef Tank Fish   In a reef tank, many of the conditions that we create as we grow our corals also promote the growth of an unwanted neighbor, algae.  The balancing act of providing a nice habitat for corals to grow and keeping algae at bay plays out every day both in the wild as well as … [Read more...]

Can Corals Buffer Climate Change?


Can Corals Buffer Climate Change? A new study suggests that coral reefs have had a way to deal with warmer water conditions long before humans started contributing to this problem.  These stunning ecosystems not only contain creatures in every shape, size, and color, but they seem to be albe to act together through a sort of chemical symphony to alter their environment.  The data that was collected basically shows … [Read more...]

Product Review: New RapidLED Dimmable Aurora Fixture

Rapid LED Aurora LED Light

Product Review:  New RapidLED Dimmable Aurora Fixture by Bruce Gunter The New Aurora Puck from Rapid Led will spark the interest of any “DIY-er” in the reef hobby.  It packs a serious amount of light output in a very small footprint, maximizing your coral growing power. It features a full spectrum of colors as well as options like dimming and deep tank lenses to make sure you have total control over your reef tank's … [Read more...]

Glide Like A Manta Ray With The New Sub Wing

Sub Wing

Glide Like A Manta Ray With The New Sub Wing Have you ever been snorkeling, but felt like the marine life was just out of view?  Ever tried to dive down to see something and then have to return for air just as you get there?  This week, in addition to the human version of gills, we saw the release of the SubWing.  This device is towed behind a boat or jet ski and allows you to literally glide, dive, twist and turn like … [Read more...]

Crowd Funding: A Win For Reef Pest Research

ME Saltwater TV AEFW

Crowd Funding: A Win For Reef Pest Research by Justin Hester In the world of reef keeping, hobbyists and scientists have not historically worked together.  Crowd-funding could be the vehicle that changes all that.   Recently Dr. Kate Rawlinson, a scientist and Cat Dybyla, a hobbyist have partnered to help the reef hobbyist world learn more about the dreaded Acropora Eating Flat Worms (AEFW) and they are using the … [Read more...]

Jellyfish Blooms: Natural Cycle Or Increasing Trend


Jellyfish Blooms: Natural Cycle Or Increasing Trend by Valeria … [Read more...]