Petco to aquire Dr’s Foster and Smith ( including Live Aquaria)

Petco logo

Petco to acquire Drs. Foster and Smith ( including Live Aquaria) Shortly after the workday on Wednesday ended, the news broke that Petco, one of the nations leading pet retailers had bought the Rhinelander based Drs. Foster and Smith.  As is standard procedure, both Petco and DFS announced that the move would be "business as usual"  with both companies looking to grow their operations, but just what the future plans will … [Read more...]

New Coral Frags Available 11-21-2014


New Coral Frags Available 11-21-2014 Here are some shots of a few new corals we are growing here at ReefNation.  Look for them later this week in our Store.  We have a handful of each ready to go so please email us at  or PM us on Facebook asap to reserve your frags. … [Read more...]

Bristle Worms: Friend of Foe?

diving the goldcoast

Bristle Worms:  Friend of Foe? by Justin Hester The bristle worms that many of us see in our reef tanks can get right up there with spiders in terms of their fear factor, but like most other "scary"  creatures in nature, once you learn about their biology, their outward appearance usually makes more sense. To this day, I still crack up when I see people's first encounter with bristle worms documented on a post or a … [Read more...]

The Jellypocalypse is Upon Us

jellies and fisherman

The Jellypocalypse is Upon Us by Gabbie Bailargeon CNN calls it a "Jellypocalypse" as most beach goers and scientists agree that dangerous jellyfish bloom occurrences have continued to increase each year since the early 2000's.  A jelly bloom occurs when there is a sudden proliferation of jellyfish at a rapid rate, but is usually contained to specific regions.  However, not only do studies show that blooms are more … [Read more...]

A reefkeepers look at the Ebola Virus Outbreak

ebola virus

A reefkeepers look at the Ebola Virus Outbreak by Justin Hester When I first started seeing reports in the news about the Ebola virus earlier in the year I kind of found it odd that the first place my mind wandered was to the world of reef keeping .  Ok, maybe that's where my mind goes with most things, but it did strike me how the spread of this disease plays out in a way that seems all too familiar to anyone that … [Read more...]

U.S. steps up as leader in ocean conservation by protecting the Pacific Remote Islands National Marine Monument

Pacific Remote Islands National Marine Monument

U.S. steps up as leader in ocean conservation by protecting the Pacific Remote Islands National Marine Monument by Gabbie Baillargeon On Thursday, September 25, 2014 the U.S. took a monumental step in ensuring the protection of our coral reefs.  Since 1906 presidents have been using their executive power to protect more and more federal land (and oceans) under the Antiquities Act.  The premise of the act is to allow … [Read more...]

Product Review: Jebao WP-40 Wave Maker Pump

What's included in the Jebao WP-40 Box

Product Review: Jebao WP-40 Wave Maker Pump by Brian Dunat Overview  We previously did a review on the Jebao WP-25 pump, so we are following up that review with a review of the Jebao WP-40 pump. At ReefNation, we have been using several models of the Jebao pumps to supplement our VorTech pumps. What’s the biggest difference between the Jebao and EcoTech VorTech pumps? The price, the motor placement and the in tank … [Read more...]

Some new frags and some old favorites

RN Purple Encrusting Galaxia

Some new frags and some old favorites Got to making some frags today and to be honest, its been a couple of weeks with it being a bit busier than normal around here.  These aren't on the store just yet. Here is a key for them.  Hopefully they are showing up in this order:)  Send me a PM on facebook or an email at for prices on these before they go on the site later this week. 1 Reef Raft … [Read more...]

Calcium Reactor Modification Part 2: The J Chamber

calcium reactor J chamber

Calcium Reactor Modification Part 2 by Justin Hester A few weeks ago we had done a little experiment to try and raise the pH of our calcium reactor effluent before it returned to the tank.  This week, we took it to a whole new level and got some immediate results! In the past, we've seen "extra chamber"  modules sold for people to add to their calcium reactors in order to give a bit of relief from the low pH. … [Read more...]

BRS MACNA video roundup

courtesy of MASNA

BRS MACNA SPEAKER ROUNDUP by Justin Hester MACNA 2014 was probably the biggest and baddest MACNA yet featuring tons of new and innovative products, reef hobbyists from all over the world, and a killer lineup of guest speakers throughout the labor day weekend.  This year, we are lucky to have all the speakers recorded and available online for those who couldn't make it to Denver.  BRS and MASNA enabled this and I for … [Read more...]